Vermillion snapper are found all up and down our coasts in waters 80 to 350 feet deep. They often form large schools, suspended off of the bottom over large, rocky, bottom protrusions called “lumps”. When near the bottom, they prefer a rocky bottom, although they can be caught at offshore oil and gas platforms.

Vermilion snapper are red above; fading to pink on the lower sides, then silver on the belly. They have fine diagonal to horizontal yellow stripes below the lateral line. It has a more streamlined body shape than most other snappers.

Vermillion snapper makes a great and versatile serving fish, with a mild sweet flavor and firm, flaky flesh. Normally, they average 1-2 pounds whole, sometimes tipping the scales over 5 pounds.

This species can be eaten raw or cooked using most traditional cooking methods like sautéing or baking, but is excellent grilled.