In the western Atlantic Ocean, the Knobbed porgy is known from the coast of North Carolina south to eastern Florida and the entire Gulf of Mexico, including the coast of Cuba. It is found over hard bottoms at depths from 20 to 300ft, and can also be associated with ledges, coral reefs and near-by areas of gravel, grass or sand. Knobbed porgies are carnivorous, and feed primarily on mollusks, crabs, and sea urchins.

Knobbed porgies have a fairly deep body with a steep profile, and a nape that projects noticeably in larger adults, later developing into a humped ‘forehead’. They are similar in coloration to the Littlehead porgy, with silver to brass bodies with a rosy cast and violet snouts and cheeks. Knobbed porgies can be distinguished by blue lines present on a yellowish under color.

The meat is marketed fresh, is white and flaky, and has an excellent flavor, It is easily filleted and may be fried, baked or broiled.