A Hogfish is a Wrasse! Wrasse boasts one of the most delicate and moist flesh in the coastal waters. A species that has adapted a long snout to dig for mollusks in the sand and retrieve shrimps and crabs from within reefs and stone formations on the ocean floor. With a diet of Shellfish, Mussels and Clams, the natural sweetness of its prey lends that characteristic to the flavor of the Hogfish. As most have heard, shrimp contain cholesterol (the good type), the Hogfish has the ability to convert the cholesterol into pure fat that it stores as intramuscular fat. This contributes to moisture and oil in the flesh which translates to a silky and delicate mouth feel. More fat = more flavor.

Hogfish is a brilliant substitute for a true Snapper. It holds more moisture, in cooking, than American Reds and the meat is paper white, extremely succulent and sweet. Hogfish pairs very well with sweet shellfish like shrimp, lobster, crab and scallops.

Fun Fact: Hogfish can open their mouths almost a full 180 degrees!