You are what you eat, and in the case of golden tilefish this adage is definitely true. A diet rich in crabs could be contributing to the delicious, sweet, rich and somewhat “crab-like” flavor of tilefish… whatever the case, tilefish (both golden and grey) is recognized as a culinary superstar – fantastic flavor, firm and tender, and easy to cook with. 
Golden Tile live up and down the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Florida. They are a very deep water fish, living in depths ranging from 250 ft. all the way to 2500 ft.
Easily recognizable, Golden tilefish is a vibrant, colorful fish with bluish to olive-green sking speckled with yellow and gold, and a lighter belly. Although tilefish can top 50 lbs. most of them average in the 12 – 20 lb. range.