The largest of all snapper species, the Cubera snapper has an elongated, slender, steely grey to dark brown body with a reddish tinge. This fish has fairly long pectoral fins, and dark red eyes. Prominent, thick lips cover strong canines that enable it to eat a range of prey, even tough crustations.  

The Cubera snapper is an aggressive carnivore with strong canines that allow it to have a varied diet of fish, shrimps and crabs.  However, it is not a top predator and adults are prey to sharks, barracuda, groupers, moray eels and even other snapper species.

The Cubera snapper is found in tropical waters of the West Atlantic, as far north as Massachusetts, USA, and as far south as northern Brazil, although it is uncommon north of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adult Cubera snappers are typically found offshore, over rocky sea floors, reefs and ledge. Young Cubera snappers may be found in mangrove areas and grassbeds, even sometimes entering freshwaters.

The meat is very tender and mild. It lends itself to many different preparations from grilling, saute, and fry.